A video created by a lot of your effort and enthusiasm, then you need to market it. Moreover, Youtube is the world’s largest place to store, share and search videos with nearly 1 billion users. Therefore, you should take advantage of that to help your videos reach thousands or millions of other people on YouTube. A video marketed in a professional way will grow in a natural, stable but highly effective way. Of course, this method takes time to implement. Buy high retention Youtube Views is the method I want to mention.

Why choose to buy high retention of Youtube Views?

The characteristics of Youtube high retention are dripping growth (only increase by 200 views per day) but very stable. Those are views that Youtube users actually view to 80% -100% of the video length. Therefore, these high retentions Youtube Views are highly appreciated and approved by the Youtube algorithm. Besides, you will never worry about the number of Youtube Views being reduced when Youtube has new updates. Buy high retention Youtube Views as a professional method and applied by millions of YouTube users around the world. The number of Youtube Views grew slowly, dripping but stable with time and completely safe for your videos. This is the reason that experienced YouTube users always trust and only buy high retention Youtube Views at a higher price than normal YouTube. Of course, with this method, you need to be patient and see the steady growth of Youtube Views every day on your video. High Retention Youtube Views that are grown in a natural and legal way are worth your wait for growth.

Compare normal Youtube Views and high retention Youtube Views

+ If your wish is just a large number of Youtube Views in a short time, you should choose to buy normal Youtube Views. Those are views that only view a few seconds on your video with the aim of Youtube count the number of views. You should choose YouTube marketing services with a warranty if you buy a normal Youtube Views. Because the normal Youtube Views is likely to decrease after growth!

+ High Retention Youtube Views: as analyzed above, these are views from real users and will see 80% -100% of your video length on Youtube.

+ Normal Youtube Views are enhanced by bots and bots. Therefore, the number of Youtube Views is not really stable over time and is not approved by Youtube algorithm.

+ High Retention Youtube Views: As mentioned, these are the number of views that are grown naturally by sharing or embedding videos on social networks like Facebook or Twitter … to get real growth. Thereby, it also opens up opportunities to help your video get more interaction.

+ Normal Youtube Views help increase video rankings on Youtube search but rankings are not stable because Youtube algorithm will know you are using tricks later.

+ High retention Youtube Views: will help your video rank more stable on Youtube search and maintain video rank better than normal Youtube Views. Moreover, you will never worry about the number of Youtube Views deleted or reduced.

Through the above analysis and comparison, I think you already know the method you should choose. If you are a YouTube user who wants to market videos in a stable and professional way by nature, buy high retention Youtube Views as the ideal and great choice. Of course, the cost to buy the high retention Youtube Views is higher than the normal Youtube Views but also worth the price. Thank you for reading this article. Please share if you feel helpful.