Tips on How to Avoid Google Penalties

When it comes to building your brand and attracting traffic to your website, the black hat link is something you will face especially if you buy cheap traffic without researching the first place. Black hat SEO is not a strange thing in the internet world and you may want to avoid it. Sometimes, it could lead to Google penalties and you do not want it to happen as well.

Generally, black hat link building is not hard to spot. You just need to find out if the link is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines or not to difference a black hat or white hat link. But, does it mean you need to stay away from this thing? What will happen if you purchase backlinks in the first place?

In this article, we will tell you anything about it and how to face it. Also, you can still purchase backlinks without worrying about Google penalties. More than anything, Google penalties can put your life in misery for a moment.

General tips

Even if you purchase backlinks, you should be aware of Google penalties as well. The general tips include no buying links that do not look natural at all. Also, it is better if you do not get near the link schemes. On the other hand, you better not overuse keywords in any way. The keyword, indeed, is important but you should use it appropriately. And you better make it original so Google would not consider your post as a spin article.

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Google Panda penalty

You can buy cheap website traffic but you should be aware of Google Panda penalties. This type of penalty is established back then in 2011 and it has become the core algorithm of Google today. This is supposed to prevent poor quality content to be on the first page of Google. It will not even work even if you buy cheap website traffic.

To avoid the penalty, you need to provide and post quality content so your searchers would be happy and Panda is happy too. You do not need to write the post from scratch because improving the old ones will help too. In this case, you can buy USA website traffic if you target the USA-based audience.

Google Penguin penalty

Another penalty you should be aware of is the Google Penguin. The algorithm will fight against link spam. You can buy cheap website traffic but make sure it will not be spamming. This thing can be avoided if you purchase backlinks website in the first place but you should be aware.

Today, this penalty type is not going to give a penalty but it will demote sites with low backlink quality. Of course, the link profile is your full responsibility and if the quality of the backlink is poor then it is an indication of low trust as well. The algorithm can also detect unnatural linking in any kind so you better be careful.

This is anything you need to know about Google penalties and it is important to avoid it in so many ways.