Method to SEO website by yourself. Do you want to know?

Do you think those businesses that have a budget for SEO and marketing always win? Do you think only the new SEO services can help your website or video stand TOP of Google search? Want to save money by the self-SEO website for yourself? Do you think SEO can only be done by experienced and professional marketers? These are the reasons that you need to read this article. Because of the fact that they are false views and not entirely wrong.

With my own experience, I spent a lot of money on website SEO and there are websites I do not use SEO services. As a result, websites that are invested in SEO have a lower rank than the ones I own. I use only the methods I think of but it is more effective than expected. In this article, I will let you know the method that I have applied for my SEO strategy. Let’s just say that for Google, compelling content is still “king” and you know best about your business.
What does a website SEO need to do?

1. Write attractive and updated content regularly for blogs

You have a website, you need to make a blog entry on that website to be able to update the sharing, knowledge, and information in it. If you already have a blog, you should write 1-2 posts per week and maintain it regularly. You can write articles related to your field and do not write about many topics too. Because the information will be diluted. It is best to write articles that are relevant to the product and service that you are offering. The more attractive the article, the more people read and interested in your blog as well as your website. Writing with fresh and engaging content is a top priority. You should pay attention to the content of the article with the experience and sharing interesting and useful in the eyes of readers. So you attract and retain a lot of visitors to your website. Note that you should only refer to other articles and not copy any content of other websites. If so, you should specify the copy source.

In addition, there is another way to buy cheap article writing content. This will save you time and effort to do more important things. The advantage of this approach is that you do not need to think about the topic or content for the weekly article. Or if you do not have the skills to write, then buy the article content is effective. Of course, you should let the writing services know about the subject and the main points that you need to convey in the article. Thus, they will not get lost. But in my opinion, it is best to write articles for your own website and blog. You are most familiar with your service and products.

2. Share website link on social networking

Once you have written the post, you can share the article link on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. I also use only 3 social networks to promote my website. Because if you focus on too many social networks, you will not have enough time to manage. In addition, you can share information and promote your products and services on those social networks (200-300 words for Facebook and Google Plus and 20-30 for Twitter). You maintain 2-3 short posts on those three social networks. Of course, you need to put your website link on those short posts. You can use the tool to collapse your link.

3. SEO Backlinks for website

You can purchase backlinks for your website. You only need $ 8-10 to get about 100 quality backlinks for your website. Just buy backlinks every month. You also do not need to put too many backlinks, mostly quality backlinks like. In my opinion, SEO backlinks are just sub. You should focus on content because, with the Google algorithm, attractive content is always “king.”

4. Buy website traffic

After doing the above steps, you can buy cheap website traffic. There are services that are offering 30,000 USA & European traffic to the website in a month for just $ 7. You can use those services to grow your rankings on Alexa and attract more potential customers. For websites with high traffic, the Google algorithm will be more favorable. In addition, the number of website traffic opens up the opportunity to attract more potential customers to use the service or buy your product.

With the above sharing, you can see that it is not difficult to own SEO by yourself. Besides, you just need less than $ 20 per month to buy backlinks and website traffic (article written by yourself).

You just have to work hard and persevere. At the same time, you should also learn and cultivate new knowledge in the field that is providing to make the content-rich and creative. Thereby, improve your Google search rankings and retain your customers. Thank you for taking the time to read my article, please share this article if you feel valued and learn something.