How to put effective organic backlinks to SEO websites on Google. Do you know yet?

Many people often buy backlinks from services that describe selling high, stable PR backlinks from high-authority websites. But Google often does not appreciate methods of increasing backlinks using the system. In this article, I will share with you the ways to put effective backlinks by content and organic SEO methods. With these methods, you can rest assured that Google will appreciate and never worry about being penalized by Google.

Write articles and post on and

You are a person who understands the services and products that are being offered to customers. You can write articles with useful content or knowledge or help people better understand their products and services. The tips or methods for people to improve or better understand your field are also appreciated. 1 keyword with more than 500 words is the best. Besides, you should make an outline or the main ideas in your article and place the <h1><h2> <h3> tag .. for relevant content and supplement the previous idea.

For example:

<h1> Buy quality air conditioners </h1>
<h2> How to identify reputable and professional air conditioner suppliers </h2>
<h3> The air conditioner features are guaranteed </h3>
<h3> Air conditioner warranty </h3>
Conclusion: content …

The above is an example of a standard SEO article. You can consult to outline your article. Then post to or Blog on your website. With, you just need to highlight the important content of the tags above.

In case you haven’t the time to write the articles, you can use cheap article writing services

Write short articles and leave website links on social networks

You can write articles to retain customers or potential audience on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus … to promote your products and services. You can also post useful or discounted information on your products. 1 article from 150-250 words is reasonable and best. Below the article, you can place your website link. Google often appreciates such posts. This is also a way to socialize SEO and make your Fan Page get attractive content and get the maintenance.

Leave backlinks through comments in related blogs and forums and Quora

The backlinks on blogs/forums related to the field you are providing are always appreciated and really effective. Google often likes and approves if you put backlinks this way. You just need to write a few lines related to the content of the article you are commenting and leaving your website link. Related blogs/forums will help you attract more potential customers who are really interested in your product or service. Moreover, you can also answer questions on Quora based on your knowledge and put a website backlink on it.

These are ways of placing organic and manual backlinks highly appreciated and approved by Google. While these methods require you to spend time, it is really effective and long-term. SEO website on Google is a long way that requires perseverance and your time. You can’t give it all to a Google SEO service or a certain keyword. Because they can’t do as well as you. I can be sure about this. But you can also use Google SEO services and apply the ways I share above. By the above methods, my website has achieved high efficiency. Moreover, with low and moderate competitive keywords, this method will also help your website achieve TOP Google without using any SEO services.