What’s information that I need to enter when ordering?

A: We usually only need your link. With article writing, SEO, music or design services, then we will need your information about your request. We will let us know about this on the services.

Please enter your link or information on textbox: “Information Required”.


How to get a discount coupon code from Servicesn?

A: In case you have more than or equal 5 orders (>=5) on our system. Mean that you become our regular customer. You only need to send an email notice about this to email address: servicesnteam@gmail.com. We will do check and send you a coupon -3% for your orders next!


What’s Extra Option?

A: Extra Option is additional services offered for an additional price.


When will servicesn team start my order?

A: We usually need 12-24 hours to send you a email notice and start for the order.


When will I receive the delivery?

A: We will deliver on time like the description of our services!


If the results not make me satisfied, then how to I can handle?

A: You can send us an email to address: servicesnteam@gmail.com, then we will deliver the order until the results make you are satisfy.